SPAN Enterprises is not your average software company. Based in the small, historic town of Rock Hill, SC, we are a completely cloud-based software company with over a dozen world-class products on the market. While we celebrate tradition and stay connected to our roots, we aren’t afraid to forge new paths in pursuit of truly cutting-edge software solutions. Learn more about how it all began in our History Timeline.

Span Enterprises Logo
The SPAN Enterprises brand is born with a logo designed by Sajeev and our signature, trademarked tagline: endless possibilities. The logo, which is two infinity symbols within a sphere, echoes the message of our tagline and represents our founders’ belief that no matter who you are or where you are from, you can achieve greatness.
Agie Naga founded SPAN Enterprises
Agie & Naga founded SPAN Enterprises, combining their 20 years of expertise in software and design in pursuit of their dreams. Unable to find funding for their fledgling company, they “bootstrapped,” selling everything they owned to realize their vision.
SPAN office
The very first SPAN office was a mere 250 square feet, unable to hold more than two people at a time.
SPAN UnitWise
In late 2009, SPAN started development on its first software solution, UnitWise, a web-based business management program for Mary Kay sales directors. Agie’s wife, Carrie, served as the inspiration for this product. As a sales director for Mary Kay, she recognized the need for a program like UnitWise.
After months of beta testing, UnitWise launches, marking SPAN’s first of many successful product releases.
The SPAN Team enjoys their first Christmas dinner together.
Express2290 is released. Naga employed his extensive knowledge of IRS systems & the transportation field to bring truckers easy E-filing of truck taxes. Not long after, the product was renamed ExpressTruckTax, a name now familiar to thousands of E-filers across the country.
ExpressExtension hits the market, bringing affordable and stream-lined E-filing of tax extensions to individuals, businesses, and nonprofits.
W3 Magix
To bring programming talent in-house, SPAN acquired the software development company W3 Magix.
Drawing on Agie’s experience as a photographer in the Event industry, SPAN developed its next business management solution for event professionals, SpanPlan.
Span Carrom Tournament
With three successful products in the market and more in the works, SPAN moved to a larger office to accommodate its growing staff, as well as their vigorous games of Carrom.
Span Enterprises office
The SPAN team enjoys the first of many authentic Indian breakfasts prepared by Agie.
Roadmap for 2013
Roadmap for 2013 and beyond created, charting the development of five more products and three tablet apps.
ExpressIFTA goes live, making quarterly tax-filings for the International Fuel Tax Agreement simpler than ever before with all calculations automatically completed for the user.
SPAN Studios
SPAN Studios is created for the filming of promotional videos, and eventually, music videos, House of Cards parodies, and so much more.
By the end 2012, SPAN had tripled its user base and increased the size of its team.
ExpressTaxFilings released, making E-filing of Forms 1099 & W-2 accessible for businesses in SPAN’s signature fresh format and easy-to-use interface
Truck Services of North America
Truck Services of North America is founded to provide a much-needed service for truckers short on time. This BOC-3 certified premier processing service prepares and files taxes directly with state departments, renews yearly registrations & much more, eliminating the mountains of paperwork plaguing drivers and small carriers.
SPAN Bigger Office
SPAN moves to an even bigger office in the heart of downtown Rock Hill decked with the salvaged parts of a Boeing 737.
SPAN Office
An obsession with remote-controlled helicopters sweeps the office, leading to intense races and the building of aerial obstacle courses.
Expanding its suite of stream-lined E-filing solutions, SPAN releases Express990, offering the most affordable and fast E-filing of IRS Form 990 on the market. Nonprofits and charities can now E-file several 990 forms and schedules in a simple question & answer format, which makes maintaining their exempt status easier than ever before.
TruckLogics is released at the urging of SPAN’s clients in the transportation industry. TruckLogics is the first web-based business management program custom-created for transportation companies–of all sizes. While owner-operators were once forced to use several, pricey programs (or none at all), TruckLogics gives these independent drivers the freedom to manage their business in a single, affordable program from the convenience of their laptops, tablets, or smartphones.
Based on years of user-feedback, SpanPlan is redesigned and relaunched as Inspherio, an even more easy-to-use business management solution for event professionals.
With the rapid growth of, the product line was immediately expanded to include e-filing of Form 1023 and rebranded ExpressTaxExempt, a one-stop tax filing service for nonprofits and exempt organizations.
SPAN officially launched ExpressIRSForms, an upgraded version of ExpressTaxFilings that not only allows users to e-file 1099s & W-2s, but also the newly-implemented Affordable Care Act Forms 1094 & 1095.
First Annual SPANTreat
For the first annual SPANtreat, the team headed down to the shores of Murrells Inlet for some fun in the sand. The trip included friendly team competitions, karaoke, and the first annual SPAN Awards Ceremony to honor everyone’s individual achievements
WIth communication and convenience in mind, SPAN introduced MyUnitBuzz, a complementary app for UnitWise NSDs and Directors. This free app allows UnitWise users to communicate with their Unit members through social media, custom messages, and even push notifications
SPAN Block
At the end of 2015, SPAN moved into a bigger office, once again, to house our rapidly growing team. The new office sits just across the street from the old office in historic Old Town, Rock Hill, further demonstrating our motto that big ideas do grow in small towns, and that in small towns there are endless possibilities.

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