At SPAN Enterprises, we play hard and work even harder. Our team is not just a group of employees. We are a family. A diverse family at that!

We laugh together, break bread together, and experience triumphs as one. To keep ideas fresh, we’re always coming up with new ways to foster a creative, collaborative environment.

Because at SPAN, it’s not about where we’ve come from, but where we are going–together.

Agie Sundaram

Co-Founder & CEO

Naga Palanisamy

Co-Founder & President

Charles Hardy

Director of Training & Development

Ravi Perumal

Director - Transportation Products

Prasad Vemala

Director - Business Management Products

Peter Yengaran

Director - Tax Exempt & ACA Products

Anand Gururaj

Director - Quality Assurance

Bryan Hinson

Product Manager - TruckLogics

Amber Tabb

Product Manager - Truck Services of North America

Demetri Williams

Digital Content Manager

Prabhu Nagaswamy

Director - Graphics

Elena Dedman

Project Manager - Truck Services of North America

William Carter

Product Coordinator - ExpressTaxExempt

Tim Hanes

Client Relationship Specialist - ExpressTruckTax

Alex Arey

Product Coordinator - HealingRadius

Lauren Fox

Product Coordinator - ExpressIRSForms & ExpressExtension

Casey Sellers

Social Media Strategist

Kathryne Wiseman

Marketing Copywriter

Susan Doyle

Client Relationship Specialist - ExpressTruckTax

Heather Burch

Client Relationship Specialist - UnitWise

Andrew Smith

Market Research Coordinator

William Hardman

Business Development Manager - ACAwise